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Unicorn Universitease:
School of Burlesque


Learn the art of the Bump & Grind in this exclusive 7-part workshop series! Serendipity Love will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a Burlesque Dancer! This class series is open to ALL GENDERS, 18 and up who are interested in learning the Art of the Tease and no previous experience is required! Can't commit to all 7 classes? Drop-in classes are available!


$100 - 7 Class Workshop (Includes Paid Performance Recital)


Class Descriptions:


Kittening 101: Become a Burlesque Pick-Up Artist

Burlesque Kittens and Stage Tigers are the Burlesque version of Stage hands and are an essential element to ANY Burlesque Production. The perfect role for individuals who are interested in getting into the Art of Burlesque but may not quite be ready to dip their toes in the glitter pool just yet. In this class you will learn how to tantalize and tease as you set the stage for each Burlesque performance. Many Burlesque Performers start their careers as kittens and use the experience to practice their stage presence and Burlesque costume skills, and get paid for doing it!

$20 Drop In

The Art of the Tease: Burlesque Dance & History

This class will introduce you to the Art of Burlesque dancing, it’s rich history, and modern resurgence. We will discuss the Anatomy of a Classic Burlesque routine, get familiar with Burlesque Legends past & present, embrace the art of the tease as an outlet for body positivity and practice using the body as a vehicle for self expression.


$20 Drop In

Burlesque Conceptions I: Build your own Burlesque Routine

This collaborative class will guide you on a personal Burlesque journey. Develop your own unique Burlesque performance by workshopping a solo Burlesque routine with experienced dancers as well as your fellow classmates.

$20 Drop In

Bump & Grind: Burlesque Dancing Techniques

Let your body do the talking in this skill based dance class that will break down the classic Showgirl moves that give Burlesque it’s VAVA-VOOM! We’ll show you everything you need to strut your sexy self across any stage!

$20 Drop In

Burlesque Conceptions II: Peer Review

Perform your work-in-progress Burlesque solo and receive helpful feedback tips and tricks to further develop an act that absolutely sparkles and shines!

$20 Drop In

Waisted and Cinched: A Guide to Burlesque Costuming

This class will familiarize you with all you need to know about Burlesque costumes and accessories. Corsets, Bras, Pasties, Fishnets, and everything in between. We will discuss effective and inexpensive easy to construct a costume, create reveals and embellish anything for that ultimate sparkle factor!

$20 Drop In

Poppin’ Pasties: Burlesque Arts & Crafts

This class will show you how to construct the most essential burlesque accessory, nipple pasties! Learn how to adorn your best bits entirely from scratch and receive a crash course on tassel twirling! Basic craft materials are included and a list of additional recommended material to give your pasties that unique flair will be provided.

$20 Drop In

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